Thursday, August 25, 2011

First food diary day!

One of my favorite things to read on my daily blog creep-age is everyone's daily eats. I am excited to share my first day with you! I have to admit that today's eats are far less exciting than yesterdays, but, of course, I forgot to take pictures yesterday after breakfast. Maj-oh fail!

But today... I forced myself to remember. There may or may not have been reminder alarms set on my phone. I'll let you all decide that one. So here is what today looked like.

I was going to wake up an run, my all time most loathed favorite exercise activity, but when my alarm went off, I heard the wonderful sound of a thunderstorm and took that as my cue that I just wasn't supposed to run today. I rolled over and forgot all about that.

When I finally made it out o bed around 10:30, I checked some emails and cozed around with my best friend:
My standard OIAM (oats in a mug- because what's better than being able to hold the handle while shoveling the tasty oaties into your mouth?) cooked with blueberries, with cinnamon and flax, topped with Kashi GoLean.
After getting dressed, cleaning the apartment- why do I have to do this every freaking day!?-, and running a few errands, the tumbly was grumbling for some lunch.
Un Monstru de Ensalda: spinach, romaine, garden tomatoes and cucumbers, marinated artichokes, a few Spanish olives, italian herb hummus, tomatilla salsa, and loads of nooch. Beyond delicious.
Followed by a freshly-baked-this-morning bananananana muffin and some homemade raspberry jam.
When HunkMuffin got off work, we went on an impromptu shopping trip. We have been trying to hold off until the farmer's market on Saturday, but I was dying for some fresh fruit, which I finished in the banana muffins this morning.

Fruit was purchased: apples, plums, oranges and grapes.

Along with a few unneeded necessities. I should have known we would come home with more than just fruit. The extras included not 1, but 4 different boxes of cereal which, obviously, had to be sampled as an afternoon snack.
A combo of Cheerios, puffed wheat, and Cinnamon Life, again, in a mug with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
 Dinner was thrown together in an effort to use, in a single dish, the random produce we had left from our last shopping trip.
Another salad monster accompanied by a green pepper stuffed with brown rice, beans, onions, jalapeƱos, zucchini, and tomatoes and topped with bread crumbs and a dollop of guac. Deeeelish.
Unpictured Snackage:
~ a baby ramekin of sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, and dried cherries
~ dessert: half a nanner muffin and half a plum (split with the Big Guy)

I work 9:30 to 3:00am tonight (oh the joys of working at a bar in a college town), so there will be some sort of pre-work snackage to be done later.

Looking back, I would say that I was pretty successful at remember to take the pics today. Now, I just need to work on some interesting meals. New project!


  1. Looks like you had some good eats anyways ;)
    Wow that's a suck job schedule, gl at staying awake and all bright eye'd!

  2. Thanks, Katie! Yea, working the late-night hours at a bar can sure be rough... but it's really run, too!