Monday, September 26, 2011

Back at it in time for 6 months!

So I guess that was a pretty short blogging hiatus. But, honestly, I'm feeling so much better than I expected I would be.

I had a great weekend. With a great Friday night and too much great drinking with the greatest friends.
My roomies, who after everything, are always here for me. And I for them.
Followed by a great night in, a great cry, and a great movie night with this guy.
My best-friend-soulmate, Johnny.
And then, an amazing visit from the best parents a girl could ask for who made the 3 hour drive both ways in one day because their daughter was going through something tough and they wanted to be with her.

This weekend has shown me just how lucky I am to have so many people who are here to support me and help me get through this break up. I know it will all be ok in the end, even if it takes a while for me to feel like things are back to normal again. Truthfully, it's the smallest things that feel weird. Things we did together, and places we went. But I'm strong, and I can do it on my own. Thankfully, I am so busy all the time, that I literally do not have the time or energy to dwell on this. Keeping going is keeping me going.

Thank you to all of you who have been here for me in the past few days, even if none of you read this.

Now... on to some lighter and more exciting news:

I can't believe that it has already been 6 months since I got back from my travel abroad in Spain and decided to make the change to an entirely plant-based diet. I still feel amazing! And I look forward to making it to a year!

Happy 6 months, to me!
Celebrated with a completely vegan cartoon cake, of course!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Break time.

Well... the boy and I didn't make it through our last terrible weekend.

I was completely blindsided. Things were looking up. We were back to normal. Apparently not.

To say I am heartbroken is an understatement.

I know that this blog is still young, and I haven't been at it for too long.

But, I need to take a break and build myself back up. It shouldn't be too long. But just so all of you (oh who are we kidding, like 3 people read this) know what's going on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIAW 4: Non-stop Days

This week is jam-packed full of the longest days. Monday, I left my apartment at 8:45am and didn't get home until 9:30. Tuesday was no different.

Luckily for you, though, I tracked it so I could jump in to my favorite weekly event! Seriously, it gets me through hump-day.
It's time for WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY!!! Thank you do Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting again!

Tuesday started of bright and early at 6:30am. This is unheard of for me! But, I really wanted to make it to the gym today (I just didn't have time yesterday, and I missed the energy it always gives me). So, i rolled my ass out of bed and forced myself to the gym. Luckily, my roommate and I had made plans to go together. It really helps motivate to know that someone else is going with you.

After the gym and a much needed shower, it was breakfast time (8:30ish)
Obvs, it was oats. This time with strawberries, flax, cinnamon and a dollop of almond butter in the middle.
Let's discuss this almond butter... I really don't like it. Being the broke college girl that I am, I bought the jar that was on sale: chunky and no stir. Blech! I really don't like the texture at all. It's almost pasty instead of the unctuousness of the my beloved almond butter. And, it's waaaay sweet. Too sweet. Just give me some pulverized almonds in a jar, please. Well, that's what I get for being cheap. I've been thinking about trying to make my own, and this little snafoo has decided it for me. I'm doing it.

When it melted into the oats, it was tolerable, but I still think I will donate this stuff to the roommates.

I headed to class at 9:00 accompanied by this:
Full of java brewed with cinnamon with some almond breezy. Yes, we have a purple futon. Be jealous.
After class and an hour or so of studying at the coffee shop in the union, I was ready for a snack. I also needed to pack a lunch so that I could continue studying all afternoon and meet the Hunk for lunch. So, I headed home.

Snack time(11:00ish):
Rice Krispies, original Puffins, and PB Puffins with more almond breezy. A fav combo right now. I am obsessed.
I also refilled the travel mug and packed up lunch. Then, headed back to the union to camp out for some serious productivity.

Around 1, the big guy met me at my camp site for some lunch (1:15ish) during his break from class:

All packed in my perfectly teacher-appropriate lunch box.

It contained a wrap exactly like this one: hummus, tomato, broccoli slaw, cukes, lettuce, and spicy mustard. Carrots and grapes.
That awesome lunch box also held my pre-class snack (4:30):
organic gala and the rest of y sunflower seed stash mixed with raisins.
I got out of class at 6, and by the time I got home, checked emails and chatted with my roomies it was near 7:30 and I was effectively starving. Time for some dinner:
sauteed veggies: onions, broc slaw, cauliflower, zucchini. tomato sauce. over no-oodles.
 Has anyone ever tried NoOodles? I was intrigued and ordered some. Oy Vey! These things are bizarre. Packed in water. Kind of slimy and gelly. No taste. Weird. I ate the whole bowl, but I don't think I will be buying them again. They get a C.
Dessert: mini bowl of my favorite cereal combo. In an Indians cap bowl with my teeny spoon totally necessary.
This bowl was followed by some snackage of the rest of my box of PB Puffins. Soooooo delicious.

Off to my Spanish Club meeting followed by conversation hour at my favorite Mexican restaurant. There may be some beer drinkage. I can't help it there.

Busy, productive, positive day! Bring it on Wednesday!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creating my own balance

So, I have to admit, the first 2 weeks of fall quarter have been rough. Taking 17 credits. Working 2 jobs. Joining 3 new clubs/student orgainzations. Finding time to workout, cook, and get all my work done. It piled up fast. And I didn't do the best job of handling it.

I barely saw my hunk, and when we did find time to spend together, we found ourselves overly tired and bickering. It took a toll on our relationship that I never expected it to, and this weekend, it all came tumbling down on me. We have spent hours talking about things, and I think we will be ok. We still love and care about each other, and I think we will be able to make a change for the better.

One of the reasons that we have hit this road bump is because he became someone- really, the only one- that I go to with stress and problems. Granted, I am that person for him too, and we both are happy to be there for each other. But, he definitely has to handle more than I do. He is the only person I have ever really opened up to about my food issues, and I never realized how much that weighs on him. He also has an impossibly busy this quarter, and he was overwhelmed trying to ease my pain and his own.

I realized this weekend that one of the reasons that turn to him is because I handle my own stress so badly. I spread myself thin, and I want to follow through and succeed with everything. I put huge pressure on myself. In the past, when I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control, I turned to restricting my food in order to regain that sense of control and being grounded. Now that I have stopped doing that, I have been relying on William for that feeling.

But, I have to be able to do it for myself and make my own feelings of balance in a healthy way. This quarter- and the rest of this year for that matter- I really want to commit myself to doing what is healthy and right for me rather than worrying about being perfect in everyone else's eyes. I want to enjoy my senior year.

Today, I took one major step towards that and quit my second job working at the bar. I couldn't be happier with this decision. Now, my weekends will be free to spend doing things I love. I will have the time to spend with friends, study, play guitar and paint (things I haven't done in far too long), and catch up on sleep. I feel like I have let out a huge sigh of relief doing this. I can't wait to see how things in my life improve because of this move.

Thanks for listening reading. I always feel better after talking writing things out.

Here's to starting fresh this week! Cheers! ¡Salud!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Grading Scale

This morning, after a less-than-stellar workout, I tried something new that completely lifted my spirits (more on that later). As I was thinking about how I would write about that experience on here, I realized that my blog is lacking something oh-so-important. Have I forgotten all I have learned from the always efficient, organized, and never repetitive (more than a hint of sarcasm here) OU College of Ed?

I am moderately kidding, of course, I wouldn't be in my 4th year as an education student if I didn't like some parts of the college. But, in all seriousness, how could I have been so absent-minded? How can I fairly and accurately evaluate all of the things I am judging here on this blog with out a clearly outlined grading scale? DUH! I'm a teacher! Why didn't I think of this sooner?

So here is what I have come up with. I will use this scale to communicate my assessment of all of the work that my students have completed new experiences I have had, eats I have tried, and restaurants I have visited:

  • A: To receive an "A", means that this is something that far exceeded expectations: something I want to do again, something I want to eat/make again as soon as possible. (Casa Nueva gets an A, fo' sho'".
  • B: A grad of a "B" indicates that it exceeded expectations, but was not an overall perfect experience. I would do or eat this again, but I am not jumping in my boots to do it.
  • C: Met expectations, but did not exceed them. An average overall experience. The hunk would call this a "mehh" event.
  • D: A below average, slightly un-enjoyable time. Definitely not positive, but it didn't send me running for the hills.  

  • F: Something has to be pretty awful to receive an "F". I don't like the idea of failing students, but sometimes, you just have to do it. This would be an experience that made me cry, food that made me vomit (or almost) or a restaurant that I wouldn't send an enemy to.

Whew! The teacher in me feels much better and far more comfortable with my evaluation process here. Haha, wow, I am slightly embarrassed, but more so excited to have felt it necessary to outline this scale.

Now, for it's first application... My first OIAJ!
When I got back from the gym this morning, I was freeeezing! The temperatures have dropped here lately and it was only around 55 degrees when I was walking home. By the time I had thawed myself in the shower and gotten dressed, my stomach was yelling at me, "This mortal body grows week! I require sustainance!" (Random Thor quote. anyone?)

Because it was so cold, some delicious hot oats were in order. 
Yes I saved this last tablespoon of sunflower seed butter just for this even. The perfect amount waiting in the bottom of the bowl.
Topped with 1/4 rolled oats, 1/2 T of flax meal, half an organic apple, and copious amounts of cinnamon, then zapped in the microwave for 1:30. Yes, I know... stove-top oats are way better. But I'm in college people! I don't have the time or dedication to boil oats forever.  It is amazing the things you can cook in the microwave. Future blog post, maybe...
The finished product.
   I have to admit, I did have a bit of a mini catastrophe with the microondas. It turns out that the jar is a bit smaller than the mugs I usually cook my oats in. It ended in about 2 tablespoons of oats spilling onto the rotating plate in the microwave. Naturally, I scooped them back into the jar and ate them anyways. I wasn't going to let any of these babies go to waste.

On to the grading... this was delicious! I get it now: the ooey gooey sunflower seed butter that melted into the already delicious oats, and the warm spice of the cinnamon. I don't usually put nut butters on my oats, so it was a nice break from the norm. My mouth was pretty, darn happy. 
The last perfect bite: almost entirely sunflower butter with a delightful nugget of baked apple on top. Perfecto. 
 Overall, this is definitely something I would, and will, do again. I am going to try and make my won nut better this weekend, and the last bit will definitely be saved for OIAJ attempt 2. However, because of the snafoo in the microwave, I cannot give it an "A+". But, I am comfortable with the final grade I have decided upon, and this one gets a solid A-. This is not the oats fault, but my own. Now that I know about the jar-size discrepancy, I will be able to up the score next time. I am confident in that.

Do you ever grade things in your head? What are your criteria?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIAW 3: getting into the swing of things

This weeks marks the second week of classes for fall quarter. This is the time that I start to settle into a routine and begin to feel the rhythm of being a student. It really feels like I'm me again. I have to say that I just love school and being a student. I guess that is part of why I am so excited and passionate about being a teacher. I love the routine, attending classes, and even the studying. Does that make me a weirdo? Well, I don't care. I'm a nerd at heart, and I'm proud of it!

This quarter, I am finally giving myself the opportunity to get involved with some organizations that I am passionate about and that have to do with my major. In past years, I made working my various jobs my priority, and while I am continuing to work (hey, a girl's gotta support herself somehow, right?), I am also scaling back my hours so that I can take part in some other activities. Thank goodness I opted not to work my third off campus job. That would make me a crazy for sure!

Here's a look at what I am getting involved in this year:

1) Learning Community Peer Mentor- This is actually my second year doing this. I get to be a peer/adviser/TA for a group of freshmen and help make their transition to college college smoother. I love this job.
Here's a shot of me and some of my BobKittens from last year during our bowling trip.
2) FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools)- With this organization I get to go to a local elementary school once a week and teach Spanish to the kiddies. I had some experience with this last Spring and was surprised by how much I enjoyed having the younger students.
3) OUCTM (OU Councl of Teachers of Mathematics)- Future teachers of math getting together to discuss how to be the best teachers we can.
4) Spanish Club! -weekly meetings and conversation hours at my favorite Mexican restaurant? Yes, please!

Obviously, I've got lots on my plate this quarter.

Speaking of what's on my plate... It's WIAW!!!
Thank you Jenn@Peas and Crayons for hosting again!
Tuesday's eats:

Breakfast, 8:30am:
Yogurt bowl: 1/4 c oats, 1/2 c plain soy yogurt, half a gala, sprinkle of cinnamon, muchas fresas (strawbs). This was perfection in a bowl. Adding the oats definitely upped the bulk-factor and made it much better than yesterday's.

Messed up... yummmmmmm. The rest of the gala was consumed on the walk to class. Yes I'm that girl who chomps an apple in the middle of the most crowded sidewalk on campus.
Lunch, 12:00ish:
Veg wrap: hummus, carrots, tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, spicy mustard in a flatout wrap. Carrots and salsa for dippage. Some unpictured sunflower seed butter and jam on rice cakes was also devoured.
 Study Sesh Snack, 1:00:
Simple iced coffee with "a touch of soy" at the coffee shop in the Student Union. Yes, I was the girl taking pics of her coffee in the middle of the most crowded coffee spot in Athens. This is actually not all that uncommon here.
Pre-class snack, 4:00:

Rice Krispies, Corn Chex, half a gala cinnamon and Almond Breezy. mmmmmmmm
 Dinner, 7:00:
Veg sautee: onion, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, tomato and tofu. purple and fingerling potatoes, all smothered with ketchup and sriracha

After my meetings I munched on some multigreezies and rice cakes with hummus. Quality day, I would say. (Rhyme!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting the week fresh

Let me just say, I had a fantastic time this weekend! Going out Friday night was amazing, and I allowed myself to enjoy every second of it as it was it was happening. I wish I had taken pictures to share with you, but the wine was flowing faster than I could keep up with, and I soon forgot about documenting the night.
The girls I part-ayed with on Friday. This is from our trip to Granada while studying abroad. It was so good to get together with them again!
The one picture I did capture from the night: Miss Becca holding Val's roommate's pet rat. I still cannot fathom why this kid has rats, but Bec enjoyed it.

As I said, I did enjoy the night out with them as it was happening. I was supremely happy... until the next morning when I woke up complete hungover and bloated from everything I consumed the night before. And, I'm not just talking alcohol here. In true Spanish fashion, the drinks were paired with tapas (or little snackies to go along with it). Except, they weren't little for me. I gorged myself, and it seemed the more I drank, the more I ate. I'll spare you the details, but I am pretty sure that I ate more that night than I had the three days prior.

I had sort of expected this to happen as I went into the night, but I was more than disappointed in myself when I woke the next day. I couldn't help scolding myself for my lack of self-control, and I was upset for the majority of the morning (the hungover stomach-ache didn't help either). I hadn't binged like that in so long. I felt like I fell off the healthy-wagon.

Luckily though, I didn't allow myself to punish myself (too many myself's in one sentence, I know) throughout the next day. When my stomach felt better, I made sure I ate a healthy, balanced meal. I didn't over-restrict myself in order to make up for the over-consumption of the night before, and I am proud of myself for that.

The feelings of disappointment never manifested themselves in a physical way. But, I still was emotionally feeling the repercussions of the night before, and it was on my mind all day Saturday and into Sunday. I wish I knew how to keep myself from getting so upset by this. I wish I could stop silently obsessing about it, but I haven't figured that part out yet.
Any tips for beginning to get emotionally healthy?
I feel like I have taken a step or two backwards in my journey to forming a healthy relationship wit food.

Anywho... On to a more fun topic...Breakfast!
I woke up this morning excited for breakfast. Actually, this happens to me most days. I would say breakfast is my favorite meal of the day because I love all of the delicious combination I create everyday. Today, was no different. Time for a new creation!

Since my decision to go vegan, I have never felt healthier. I don't feel deprived, and I would say I really don't miss nay of the animal products I gave up... except for one thing: non-fat PLAIN yogurt. I looove plain yogurt. The tangy, slightly-sour, creamy goodness that compliments fruit and cereal so beautifully. That's it. The one thing I have been missing.

So, when I saw this at the grocery store this week, I was more than excited to give it a try. 
I was hoping that the flavor would more closely echo the plain, dairy yogurt of my yesterdays. I have tried soy yogurt before and found it overly sweet, and in the fruit varieties, overly fruity. Well, I gave it a try with some delightful toppings:
1/2 cup soy yogurt, sprinkling of raw oats, half a gala apple, half a banana, strawberries, and some crunched up puffins in some gorgeous morning lighting.
all mixed messed up
I have to say, it was pretty tasty. However, it did not pass for my plain dairy yogurt. It was missing that tart, sourness that I loved so much. Thankfully, it wasn't overly sweet like I was fearing. With the toppings, I will have no problem finishing off the whole tub.

After this bowl though, I wasn't satisfied. I knew I had 2 hours of class and a trip to the gym ahead of me before I could eat anything else, and I just wasn't full enough to call that yogurt bowl a substantial breakfast. I supplemented with a bowl of cereal (rice krispies and corn chex with almond breezy), which was enough to tide me over until lunch.

I want to figure out how to make the yogurt more substantial so that it can constitute my whole break fast. Maybe if I add more raw oats it will have more staying power. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
How would you make the yogurt bowl more of a hefty meal?

Friday, September 9, 2011

My weekend pledge...

I don't know what it is with me today. Two posts in one day? I must have a fever or something....

Or maybe it's just all of the free time I have had today to read far too many blogs that has given me some inspiration.

So, here is my pledge for this weekend:

I will have a "normal college girl weekend".

I know, I know it sounds bad. Why do I have to be normal? Why can't I just do what I want to and what makes me happy? Let me explain.

Last Spring quarter, I was a crazy (yes, crazy is a noun). I was taking a huge course load, observing in local schools, working part time, going crazy, strict, healthy-vegan and trying to get strait A's on every time-consuming assignment that my education degrees always give me. It was nuts. I barely had time to breathe let alone join my roommates and friends going out to the bars 4 nights a week. All I wanted to do at the end of the day was put on sweatpants and cuddle with the bf (who also had a crazy busy quarter and didn't have time for going out). 

And this is what I did.  Thankfully, I got those strait A's, was able to have some great observation/teaching experiences, and save a bit of money from the job.

But, my friendships suffered.

My roommates seemed to grow closer as I alienated myself. I was no fun. Always serious. I didn't allow myself to enjoy a night out for fear of being hungover and unproductive the next day. I was also overly worried about consuming too many unhealthy calories- something my roomies just couldn't understand.

This weekend I will start fresh.

I am taking this start of a new school year as a fresh start. I am relaxing and letting myself enjoy what free time I have before the quarter starts getting crammed. I am going to enjoy dinner and going out with my friends and roommates, and I am not looking back in regret. I won't let it happen.

I am super excited for this weekend! I am having dinner tonight with some of mis amigas de EspaƱa. Then, I am going to a party of an old friend with my roommates. Tomorrow night, I bunch of my guy friends from freshman year (and my ex, yikes!) are having a party at there house, and all of my roommates and I are making it a point to go together.

This year is going to be great! I can't wait to get back in on some of the fun college action. I mean, who wouldn't want to enjoy all of this?
old school in the dorms sophomore year

necessary pile-up


The perfect formula

In my almost 6 months (!) being vegan and my 2 years being on-again-off-again vegetarian, I think I have mastered the art of the quick, healthy, and satisfying dinner for a college girl with an outrageously busy schedule. Here are the requirements that must be fulfilled to meet said perfection:

1) Must be able to be cooked and consumed within 30 min.

2) Must include a variety of veggies in a variety of colors (we do eat with our eyes first, after all).

3) Must include a whole grain and/or protein (depends on what I am feeling like and what the rest of my day has included, but it can't just be veggies).

4) Must be flavorful and exciting.

5) Must use minimal dishes.

6) Must have staying power. I don't want to be snacking an hour later.

7) Must be hot (ever since I can remember, I have prefered a cold lunch and a hot dinner. Just one of my quirks).

I know, I know. It's a lot of requirements. I'm a picky girl. I don't just settle... especially when it comes to dinner. But, like I said, I think I have perfected the process:

First step: stock up on lot's of veggies at the farmer's market over the weekend.
Remember, the Athens farmer's market is the biggest in southeastern Ohio.
My take this week included spaghetti quash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots.

Second Step: cook a bunch of brown rice in my rice cooker at the beginning of the week, and store rice in fridge for use during the week.
My little baby. Makes life cooking rice so much easier.

Step 3: Actually cooking dinner.
  • Get home from class and meetings famished and tired. 
  • Put a pan on the burner and let it heat up.
  • Hack a hunk off of each of the veggies bought at the farmer's market and throw it in the pan. Add beans or tofu here if the mood strikes.
  • Season in whatever way strikes your fancy.
  • While veggies are cooking, nuke about half a cup of rice.
  • Plate rice with veggies.
  • ALWAYS top with sriracha and enjoy!
Simple. Hot. Delicious.
Like this one from Tuesday. Seasoned Italian-style. Check that steam.

And tonight's masterpiece. Indian-style: onion, carrot, zucchini, tomatoes, and some tofu thrown in seasoned with red pepper flakes and curry powder. Soooo goooood!
Enjoyed in my tiny kitchen while writing up this post!

Catch you all soon!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIAW 2; the first day of SENIOR year

Wow! Today has been quite the day. It is still incredible to me that my senior year in college is already here. But, despite my internal protest, it happened nonetheless. And what luck? Just in time for my second go at WIAW.

Thank you to the lovely Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting my favorite, weekly event.

My first class was at 9:00am. This wouldn't usually be a problem for me, but this morning was cold and rainy, and I did not want to pull myself out of bed.

The only thing that get me up was the promise of this deLICious breakfast:

Breakfast 8:30a -baked apple oat with cinnamon and flax topped with some crunched up puffins. Mmmmm

I had enough in between my first class and my second one to hit the gym. It was a bleh kind of workout day. Yesterday was an awesome gym day and today I felt awful. Does anyone else have workout ups and downs like that? But I was happy to get in some good cardio and stretching.

post workout snack 11:30a- the rest of my apple from breakfast with sunflower seed butter
After some paperwork and house keeping stuff, it was time for lunch:

Lunch 1:00- monstruo de ensalada with hummus and salsa dressing and sum multigrainies eaten at my desk while doing some blog creeping reading.

delicious red plum eaten out of my lap off of a napkin. saving energy by not doing dishes. definitely a college girl here.
My classes got finished around 6:00. I ran some errands and checked the schedule at work, and when I got home, my tumbly was grumbling for some dinner.
Dinner 7:15- sauteed veg (onions, peppers, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes) with basil and tomato sauce over brown rice.
finishing dinner off with something sweet, as always: rice cakes with pb2 and some homemade raspberry jam.
Tonight will be the first, coffeehouse study date of the quarter with Hunky Magee. So, there may be some study snacks consumed. Our fave coffee spot has delicious vegan cookies. It definitely will might happen...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall we go!

This time, two days fromm now, I will be finishing up my first day of my senior year of college. I would say that this is my "last, first day of school", but that would be a lie considering I am going to be spending the rest of my life in school- just with a different role.

But, it is still crazy to think that Tuesday will be my last, first day of fall quarter at Ohio University as an undergrad. A year from now, I will, hopefully, have graduated and have a full time teaching job. Oy Vey I am not ready for all that stuff! Good thing I still have 9 months to let the thought settle in.

Every quarter for the past 3 years, I have made myself a list of goals in the notebook that acts as my journal/song-writing/brainstorming book. This year, I am sharing those goals here.. well, at least the ones that I am comfortable with.

1) Strait A's- This one makes an appearance every quarter, and was never realized until last winter   
when I was abroad. I was able to do it again in the spring, so I hope to keep the streak going.

2) Keep nourishing my body with healthy, natural foods - This should be a cinch because it is     something that is really important to me, but when the sched gets crazy, it's difficult to find time to  
make well balanced meals. But, I am determined to do it this quarter.

3) Work out most days of the week- I am aiming for 5 days a week, but, again, this gets tricky when 
things get busy, but I think if I make it part of my daily routine and get it done in the morning, I can stick to it.

4) Fix and maintain relationships with roomies- Although I get along fine with all of them, I seemed to drift apart from them over the course of last year. It is really just that our priorities are different (this may come a lot from the struggles I have had with my eating/body issues. more on that later) and our schedules don't match up well. Still, they mean a lot to me, and I don't want to lose them.
It's kind of sad that the most recent picture I have of us is from 2 years ago. Reb, Allie, Me and Kayla, lookin' good.

5) Keep things with William going well- He means so much to me. This is not optional.
Me and my hunk on his birthday this year :)

6) Be a kick-ass peer mentor- One of my jobs on campus is to help 25 incoming freshmen with their transition into college life by being someone they can go to with questions, for advice, and as an example. It means a lot to me that I create good relationships with them and between them.

7) Make/Save at least $600- I think that with my peer mentor job and my job at the restaurant, this is feasible. This is the type-a part of me trying to get a control on what my financial situation will be post-graduation. Always have to plan ahead.

8)Write 2 new songs- writing music is something that I do when I feel the need to express some sort of strong emotion. I only do it sporadically, but I would really like to challenge myself with a quota this quarter. It is therapeutic, and I think it is really good for me especially when I am overly anxious or upset about something.

I think that these are all good things for me to aim for, and I am happy to see that none of them have anything to do with my weight or getting to a specific number on the scale. I just want to stay healthy, active, and happy. I am proud of myself for that, and I think I deserve it.

On another, almost unrelated note, I get to meet my mentees (I call them my BobKittens) tomorrow! I seriously love my job as a peer mentor because I get to use my role as a mentor to positively effect their lives. It is a similar feeling to what drew me to teaching in the first place. I can't wait to meet them and start getting to know them!

Ending on a random picture that makes me smile: 
Freaked out feeding the birds at the Cincinnati Zoo. How presh.

Friday, September 2, 2011

This canNOT be happening

Happy September, everyone!!!

I know, I know. I'm a day late, but I think I get a free pass because of how utterly awful yesterday was for me. I mean, it was bad. So bad that it ended with me in bed at 11:00, crying, with the boyfriend rubbing my back until I fell asleep. Yea, he's amazing like that.

So here is how yesterday went...
I woke up at 9 completely "sick" from too much fun and not enough sleep the night before. I rolled out of bed and managed to make it to work around 9:45. The day was spent in training for my Peer Mentor job this fall. This is my second year mentoring, so everything was repetitive, I felt awful, and the vegetarian lunch option was nowhere near vegan, so I was starving.

When training was over at 5, I had to go sprint home, change, and grab some food before heading to work at my other job at a restaurant down the street. Let's just say that it was a bad shift and leave it at that. I was all by myself, customers were unhappy, I didn't make that much money.

By the time I got home, it was 10:30, and I was too upset to do anything but shower and go to bed. Cue the crying-in-bed scene. Oh the joys of a busy, working, college student.

So, let's just say that when I woke up to day, I was happy to have a morning of free time and a chance for some much needed recovery. Here's what some of today's getting-me-out-of-my-funk eats looked like:
Baked apple oats-in-a-mug with flax and cinnamon

snackage of rice cakes with sunbutter and homemade raspberry jam

mondo salad topped with salsa and hummus and smothered delicately sprinkled with nooch

multigrain crackers and the rest of the apple from breakfast.

 Now, off to some pre-start-of-classes meetings and work from 5-10:30. There will definitely be some pre-work snacking. I bought some of the these this weekend and I am dying to try them:

Until later!