Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall we go!

This time, two days fromm now, I will be finishing up my first day of my senior year of college. I would say that this is my "last, first day of school", but that would be a lie considering I am going to be spending the rest of my life in school- just with a different role.

But, it is still crazy to think that Tuesday will be my last, first day of fall quarter at Ohio University as an undergrad. A year from now, I will, hopefully, have graduated and have a full time teaching job. Oy Vey I am not ready for all that stuff! Good thing I still have 9 months to let the thought settle in.

Every quarter for the past 3 years, I have made myself a list of goals in the notebook that acts as my journal/song-writing/brainstorming book. This year, I am sharing those goals here.. well, at least the ones that I am comfortable with.

1) Strait A's- This one makes an appearance every quarter, and was never realized until last winter   
when I was abroad. I was able to do it again in the spring, so I hope to keep the streak going.

2) Keep nourishing my body with healthy, natural foods - This should be a cinch because it is     something that is really important to me, but when the sched gets crazy, it's difficult to find time to  
make well balanced meals. But, I am determined to do it this quarter.

3) Work out most days of the week- I am aiming for 5 days a week, but, again, this gets tricky when 
things get busy, but I think if I make it part of my daily routine and get it done in the morning, I can stick to it.

4) Fix and maintain relationships with roomies- Although I get along fine with all of them, I seemed to drift apart from them over the course of last year. It is really just that our priorities are different (this may come a lot from the struggles I have had with my eating/body issues. more on that later) and our schedules don't match up well. Still, they mean a lot to me, and I don't want to lose them.
It's kind of sad that the most recent picture I have of us is from 2 years ago. Reb, Allie, Me and Kayla, lookin' good.

5) Keep things with William going well- He means so much to me. This is not optional.
Me and my hunk on his birthday this year :)

6) Be a kick-ass peer mentor- One of my jobs on campus is to help 25 incoming freshmen with their transition into college life by being someone they can go to with questions, for advice, and as an example. It means a lot to me that I create good relationships with them and between them.

7) Make/Save at least $600- I think that with my peer mentor job and my job at the restaurant, this is feasible. This is the type-a part of me trying to get a control on what my financial situation will be post-graduation. Always have to plan ahead.

8)Write 2 new songs- writing music is something that I do when I feel the need to express some sort of strong emotion. I only do it sporadically, but I would really like to challenge myself with a quota this quarter. It is therapeutic, and I think it is really good for me especially when I am overly anxious or upset about something.

I think that these are all good things for me to aim for, and I am happy to see that none of them have anything to do with my weight or getting to a specific number on the scale. I just want to stay healthy, active, and happy. I am proud of myself for that, and I think I deserve it.

On another, almost unrelated note, I get to meet my mentees (I call them my BobKittens) tomorrow! I seriously love my job as a peer mentor because I get to use my role as a mentor to positively effect their lives. It is a similar feeling to what drew me to teaching in the first place. I can't wait to meet them and start getting to know them!

Ending on a random picture that makes me smile: 
Freaked out feeding the birds at the Cincinnati Zoo. How presh.

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