Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIAW 3: getting into the swing of things

This weeks marks the second week of classes for fall quarter. This is the time that I start to settle into a routine and begin to feel the rhythm of being a student. It really feels like I'm me again. I have to say that I just love school and being a student. I guess that is part of why I am so excited and passionate about being a teacher. I love the routine, attending classes, and even the studying. Does that make me a weirdo? Well, I don't care. I'm a nerd at heart, and I'm proud of it!

This quarter, I am finally giving myself the opportunity to get involved with some organizations that I am passionate about and that have to do with my major. In past years, I made working my various jobs my priority, and while I am continuing to work (hey, a girl's gotta support herself somehow, right?), I am also scaling back my hours so that I can take part in some other activities. Thank goodness I opted not to work my third off campus job. That would make me a crazy for sure!

Here's a look at what I am getting involved in this year:

1) Learning Community Peer Mentor- This is actually my second year doing this. I get to be a peer/adviser/TA for a group of freshmen and help make their transition to college college smoother. I love this job.
Here's a shot of me and some of my BobKittens from last year during our bowling trip.
2) FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools)- With this organization I get to go to a local elementary school once a week and teach Spanish to the kiddies. I had some experience with this last Spring and was surprised by how much I enjoyed having the younger students.
3) OUCTM (OU Councl of Teachers of Mathematics)- Future teachers of math getting together to discuss how to be the best teachers we can.
4) Spanish Club! -weekly meetings and conversation hours at my favorite Mexican restaurant? Yes, please!

Obviously, I've got lots on my plate this quarter.

Speaking of what's on my plate... It's WIAW!!!
Thank you Jenn@Peas and Crayons for hosting again!
Tuesday's eats:

Breakfast, 8:30am:
Yogurt bowl: 1/4 c oats, 1/2 c plain soy yogurt, half a gala, sprinkle of cinnamon, muchas fresas (strawbs). This was perfection in a bowl. Adding the oats definitely upped the bulk-factor and made it much better than yesterday's.

Messed up... yummmmmmm. The rest of the gala was consumed on the walk to class. Yes I'm that girl who chomps an apple in the middle of the most crowded sidewalk on campus.
Lunch, 12:00ish:
Veg wrap: hummus, carrots, tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, spicy mustard in a flatout wrap. Carrots and salsa for dippage. Some unpictured sunflower seed butter and jam on rice cakes was also devoured.
 Study Sesh Snack, 1:00:
Simple iced coffee with "a touch of soy" at the coffee shop in the Student Union. Yes, I was the girl taking pics of her coffee in the middle of the most crowded coffee spot in Athens. This is actually not all that uncommon here.
Pre-class snack, 4:00:

Rice Krispies, Corn Chex, half a gala cinnamon and Almond Breezy. mmmmmmmm
 Dinner, 7:00:
Veg sautee: onion, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, tomato and tofu. purple and fingerling potatoes, all smothered with ketchup and sriracha

After my meetings I munched on some multigreezies and rice cakes with hummus. Quality day, I would say. (Rhyme!)


  1. I love school! I like the routine of it too :)

    At first I thought your potatoes were blueberries, and I was gonna be like "Hey, you forgot to mention the blueberries!"

    I quite enjoyed your rhymes ;)

  2. You sound like you're really involved and there is no better way to prep for your future :) I volunteered as a tutor in an inner city school for refugee kids last year and I loved it!
    those fingerlings are great, we used to grow those in our garden.
    Oats make everything better and they really fill you up!

  3. Oh yea those purple fingerlings are amazing little tricksters. I liked them because they matched my plate and bowl!

    Oats really do make everything better. Always. It's like magic.

  4. Good for you - what healthy eats! The look yummy too. :)

  5. All your eats look so yummy! Looks like you're managing to eat pretty well for a college student :-) I was so happy to finally have my own grocery-meal-plan and clean kitchen when I graduated, but I imagine not all seniors everywhere were required to be on the school meal plan.

  6. I LOVE SCHOOL. Love school. I could be a lifetime student if I had to, though I would miss getting to actually help people as a RD :)

    This first 3 weeks of school has been rough for me to make a new routine and fit it into my life. It's such a struggle every time you start a new semester! I'm hoping by next week I'll be back to normal with everything.