Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was bussssy bussssy! I had some fun, and worked a lot. I had this master plan of two great blog posts:one about my Friday date night with Hunk and one about the amazing farmer's market we have here in Athens.

But... I failed a little. Friday, I got a little too tipsy to remember to take pictures and Saturday, I was too distracted by all of the amazing produce and people to get anything good. Damn, I'm not doing so hot at this whole blog thing right now. Oh well! I can only go up from here, right?

So, here is what I ended up with.

On Fridays this summer, I have been working the awkward open/half-of-dinner shift at the bar-restaurant that I work at. I get there at 3, do all of the opening stuff, and take any tables that come in before I get off at 6. This is usually close to big-fat-0 tables because no one goes to dinner before 6.

Even though I don't usually make too much money, I do get off at the perfect time to get home, change, and go on a date with the boytoy. This week, we hit up one of our favorite spots, Casa Nueva.

It's a great hippie-dippy Mexica Bodega/Cantina that features natural, seasonal produce and lots of veg options. Their mission statement from their website:
"We are dedicated to strengthening the environmental, economic and social well being of our community by promoting wholesome products, democratic participation and responsible business practices."

They are always packed, and we were welcomed with an hour wait. Luckily, they have a great bar with appetizers and funky beer on tap.
This is our first helping of chips and their hot salsa, and our second round of beer. After some Great Lakes on draft we opted for some other bottled goodies. Soooo yummy.

 When we were finally seated, we ordered another round of chips, this time with guac and black bean salsa. We were starving and starting to get a good buzz going, so no expenses were spared. The second appetizer was totally necessary.

When our main courses got there, we ordered some margaritas on the rocks. What is Mexican food without tequila?
Again, this is the remains of my meal, The Hills Deluxe: rice, blackbeans, and my choice of 2 salsas (chipotle habaƱero and salsa verde) topped with lettuce and served with a whole wheat tortilla. It's a fancy shmancy Chipotle burrito bowl, and it was deeeeelicious.
The night ended with a trip out with some friends to a few different bars, too much alcohol, and spending all of my tip money from that night. But it's ok, it was a great time.

On Saturdays, I work a double and the bar, so any fun stuff happens in the morning. This works perfectly because Saturday mornings mean the local Farmer's Market. The Athens Farmer's Market is the biggest one in southeastern Ohio, and it is always packed.
William's reaction to me waking him up early, with a slight hangover to go to the market. There was some talk about sweating his balls off? I don't know. The weather was perfect and it was a successful trip.

My favorite farm. Always chemical-free and organic. A must stop every time for squash of all sorts. This time, we picked up some spaghetti squash for dinner tonight.

Look at all those different peppers! Gorgeous. we had to get 4 different ones to try out.
Today is kind of bittersweet. No work (yay!) but the HunkMonster is moving out (boo!). Don't worry. No trouble on the home front. It's just the end of the summer and our roommates are coming back. we were both alone this summer so we decided to share some space, bills, and time together. It was great and I am sad to see him go. But, alas, summer has to end eventually. back to the real life of a college girl, I guess.

So, this morning I will much on some of this (baked apple oats topped with flax and Kashi GoLean) and enjoy my last few hours with the boyfriend before he moves all the way back down the hill. Ha. It's a 5 minute walk. I will survive.
 Until later! Have a great one!

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