Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIAW 2; the first day of SENIOR year

Wow! Today has been quite the day. It is still incredible to me that my senior year in college is already here. But, despite my internal protest, it happened nonetheless. And what luck? Just in time for my second go at WIAW.

Thank you to the lovely Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting my favorite, weekly event.

My first class was at 9:00am. This wouldn't usually be a problem for me, but this morning was cold and rainy, and I did not want to pull myself out of bed.

The only thing that get me up was the promise of this deLICious breakfast:

Breakfast 8:30a -baked apple oat with cinnamon and flax topped with some crunched up puffins. Mmmmm

I had enough in between my first class and my second one to hit the gym. It was a bleh kind of workout day. Yesterday was an awesome gym day and today I felt awful. Does anyone else have workout ups and downs like that? But I was happy to get in some good cardio and stretching.

post workout snack 11:30a- the rest of my apple from breakfast with sunflower seed butter
After some paperwork and house keeping stuff, it was time for lunch:

Lunch 1:00- monstruo de ensalada with hummus and salsa dressing and sum multigrainies eaten at my desk while doing some blog creeping reading.

delicious red plum eaten out of my lap off of a napkin. saving energy by not doing dishes. definitely a college girl here.
My classes got finished around 6:00. I ran some errands and checked the schedule at work, and when I got home, my tumbly was grumbling for some dinner.
Dinner 7:15- sauteed veg (onions, peppers, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes) with basil and tomato sauce over brown rice.
finishing dinner off with something sweet, as always: rice cakes with pb2 and some homemade raspberry jam.
Tonight will be the first, coffeehouse study date of the quarter with Hunky Magee. So, there may be some study snacks consumed. Our fave coffee spot has delicious vegan cookies. It definitely will might happen...


  1. Yummy looking breakfast! I love topping my oats with cereal..delish! :)

  2. Mm. The plum is calling to meee. Looks like you had some super yummy eats. Have fun on your coffee date ;)

  3. homemade jam? I need to make some of that!!

  4. Thanks everyone! It was a quality day of eats... that ended at the fav coffee shop with me and the boytoy splitting a delicious vegan oatmeal spice cookie and sippin some delish green tea! I can't wait for next week's WIAW~