Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I can't believe it has taken me until Tuesday to sit down and write about this past weekend. But, let's be real... This is the first time I have had the chance to sit down at all since Sunday night. This week is so jam-packed that I feel like my head is going to explode. To prevent the awful mess that is sure to come from exploded brains, I am taking a break from all of my school work to do something fun. Write and reflect on this weekend!

This weekend marked my final homecoming here at OU. That is insane!!! The end of senior year is quickly approaching, and I am doing all I can to slow it down, but it just won't listen!!

Homecoming weekend started out with a crazy Friday night. Too much food. Too much drink. Waaay too much fun.

This is what happens when we all get together at my place before we head out. One big happy family.
Luckily, though, Friday night wasn't so crazy that we couldn't get up and enjoy the parade. If you have any idea about Ohio U's reputation, then you can imagine how amazing it was.

The parade was followed by some tailgating and far too many kettle-cooked potato chips. They were the only vegan option, and I completely indulged. Mmmmm.

Then there was the football game, a much needed map, and another crazy night out.

I woke up Monday morning feeling even more exhausted than I was at the end of the school week. So much for catching up on rest over the weekend. Homecoming wiped me out. And, made me feel guilty about all of the consumption I did, both in drink and food form. I was disappointed that I couldn't indulge more moderately. I should have stopped after a few drinks or one handful of those chips. But, I didn't. And you know what?

I had a blast! It was a great time with all of my closest friends. Although I feel like I have some ground to make up over the next week, I am glad I let myself have fun and enjoy all of the homecoming activities. It's not going to make me gain 10 pounds instantly, and I won't immediately get heart disease from some stupid, but delicious, potato chips. No, I won't do it all the time, but YES, I will be ok with doing it this once... and again in 2 weeks for Halloween!

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