Sunday, October 23, 2011

I had such grand blogging plans this week. I was going to party at WIAW. I was going to do "A day in the life of a teacher candidate" on Friday with all of my teaching sites that day. I was going to read and comment on all my faves.

Yea, well, it's Sunday, and I am sitting down to write this only because I can't bring myself to study any more right now. So goes week 7 in the fall-quarter-, senior-year-, double major- way.

This weekend was a blast! And the highlight was easily the Annual Circleville Pumpkin Festival.
An entire street fair dedicated to one of my favorite fall flavors? Complete with all the crazy characters you see walking around at any regional fair? Some delicious pumpkin eats? And a random road trip with all the roommies of the house? YES, PLEASE!
Goes on forever!
My pumpkin purchase: pumpkin coffee. It was pretty good, and just what I needed after doing the drive. Unfortunately, it was really my only vegan option. But, I lived vicariously through my friends, and even let myself sample a few little bites of their goodies.

Kayla decided to start with a pumpkin pancake. Judging by her moans in reaction, it was pretty fantastic.

Yea that says 1, in pounds. No joke.

fall lovin'

Allie went with this deep fried waffle creation. More like a super crispy fried dough. Still pretty tasty.

Rebecca with her pumpkin sloppy joes sin pan. She was inspire to try this one at home.

Pumpkin donuts. I tried these. Sinful and amazing.

Huge a$$ pumpkin pie.

Ingredients for the pie. wow.

Obviously, some pie was a must.
lovin' my girlies. What a great trip.

  Thank goodness for great friends!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hey!

    I'm just curious, are you from the Cincinnati area? Because I was reading your posts a while ago, when you commented on one of mine, and I realized you went to Ohio University and from some reason thought you were from Cincy as well? Because if you are, so am I! :)

  2. I am from Cincinnati! I go to school at OU, and I live in Athens, but I was born and raised in Cincy.

  3. That's awesome! glad to know we have something in common!