Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recovery mode

The past few weeks have been an utter whirlwind. I haven't had time for anything, let alone sit down and reflect on my blog. So, bloggy loves, I apologize for my relative absence.

This quarter of school has been grueling. I have to say I am really looking forward to finishing it up in a 2.5 weeks and heading home for my long winter break. I can't wait to have time to actually do things I enjoy.

October at Ohio University means one thing: PARTYING!! With homecoming followed closely by our nationally-known HallOUween block party, the month of October becomes nothing more that one huge party.

As a result, my huge course load and overworking led, inevitably to a need to blow off some steam and a bit too much fun.

Don't get me wrong, I have had a blast this month. I have grown closer with the roomsters, made some new friends, and reconnected with some old ones. All of my nights out have been great and mostly drama-free, just how I like it.

can't help feeling like my body is suffering. I have had a cold and a hoarse voice for 3 weeks. Along with "having a good time" (that is what we are going to call it.. gotta stay professional here) comes waaaay too much eating. Of nothing but crap. I am stuck in this internal battle between wanting to participate in everything my friends are doing and wanting to maintain the healthy lifestyle I have worked so hard to create for myself.

Unfortunately, fun and over-indulgence has won out as of late. Every Sunday I find myself disgusted by everything I consumed over the weekend. Feelings of guilty overtake me, and I resolve to do better starting Monday. Then, Monday night I find myself mindlessly binging on anything that tastes good. I am just watching all of my hard work slip away as excess pounds work their way back on (even though when I weighed myself at the gym today, I had only gained about a pound).

I am searching for a way to break this cycle, and I feel like the only way I will be able to will be to stop going out with the girls. But, I don't want to disconnect with them in the same way I did last spring when my food issues were at their height.  I know that my fears are unreasonable. None of my friends worry about this stuff like I do, and they all look and feel great.

I am training myself to relax, and I know that just the fact that I have gone out as much as I have means that I have made so much progress. I have hope for the where I will go, but I still worry about the effect it is having on my health.

Any advice or words of wisdom?

As the new month of November rolls in, I think this is the perfect opportunity to set some goals for myself relating to my health and overall happiness.

1. Eat more filling and satisfying, well-balanced meals through out the day. 
Hopefully, this will help me cut out the late night binging.

2. Limit going out to one night a week for the rest of the quarter. 
There is no reason why I shouldn't have fun... within moderation.

3. Get back to working out at least 3 times a week. 
With being sick and busy, I have slacked recently. Gotta get back on that wagon!

4. Sleep! At least 6 hours a night.
Nothing is more influential on my day than how much rest I got the night before.

5. Focus on school work, time manage, stress less.
Getting through the quarter in an organized and controlled way is going to be a life saver.

Alright, November, bring it on!


  1. hi rachel!! ah, the battle between the two selves, as i call it - partying and treating yourself right. it is a hard balance, but you will find it! for me what is a must no matter what is to get enough sleep, work out regularly (even if and maybe especially if you over-induldge), and eating lots and lots of veggies. keep us posted on your progress!

  2. You are so right. It's such a hard balance to figure out. Thanks for your support! It means a lot.

  3. Great goals! :)
    My advice is to set little goals everyday, that will help you achive your main goals (the ones you listed above). And also try to take every day one by one and know that each day is a new start :)