Thursday, November 17, 2011

My final Final, finalized

About an hour ago, I turned in my final, final of the quarter. I love that. Final, final. It was in the form of a Spanish research paper about how Magic Realism has entered the world of English literature...blah, blah, blah... I'M DONE!!!

This quarter which can only be described as miserable but awesome is finally behind me! It's been a tough one, to say the least, and I am itching to hit the road and say goodbye to Athens and everyonething in it. I'm ready for some time away.

I thought for the end of the quarter, I would reflect on the goals I set for myself. Let's see how I did, shall we? Here's how the report card looks (the black is what I set for myself at the beginning of the quarter, and purple is from the halfway checkpoint):

1) Strait A's- This one makes an appearance every quarter, and was never realized until last winter   
when I was abroad. I was able to do it again in the spring, so I hope to keep the streak going.
Looking good so far! I haven't gotten any grades back that would indicate anything different!
Still, looking good! But we won't know for sure until grades come out in a week or so. But, still feeling good! This one gets a A- only because of the uncertainty. 

2) Keep nourishing my body with healthy, natural foods - This should be a cinch because it is     something that is really important to me, but when the sched gets crazy, it's difficult to find time to  
make well balanced meals. But, I am determined to do it this quarter.
Actually, I am surprising myself with how well I have been doing with this. Ever since the break up, and effectively losing the only person I could talk to about it, I have kept up all of the progress I have made, and then some. I'm finally doing it for me. And it feels really amazing.
This one has been up and down. Thankfully, my one roommate has really been there when I have been upset about it. But, as the quarter finishes up, I have really been feeling better, even with the few pounds I have gained. B deduction of one letter grade for the few binge/breakdown episodes that happened.

3) Work out most days of the week- I am aiming for 5 days a week, but, again, this gets tricky when 
things get busy, but I think if I make it part of my daily routine and get it done in the morning, I can stick to it.
Tricky is an understatement...time is definitely not on my side with this one. I have been averaging         3 or 4 days a week. I'm still happy with this, though.
I slipped even more the second half of the quarter. I got sick, and with my crazy schedule, just lacked overall motivation. I hope to change this over break, though, when I literally have nothing else to do. 
C my performance was nothing but average. 

4) Fix and maintain relationships with roomies- Although I get along fine with all of them, I seemed to drift apart from them over the course of last year. It is really just that our priorities are different (this may come a lot from the struggles I have had with my eating/body issues. more on that later) and our schedules don't match up well. Still, they mean a lot to me, and I don't want to lose them.
Again, it's amazing how the worst thing that has happened to me in years has actually helped other aspects of my life. My roommates' support through everything has really brought us closer. I am also around them a lot more since I am not always with the boy. I love them, and I am so happy to have seemed to found them again.
From the pumpkin festival. Completely re-connecting!
Thank goodness for girlfriends! That is all I can say about this quarter. I really don't know how I would have made it through without them. A+  But this grade really goes to them, not me.
5) Keep things with William going well- He means so much to me. This is not optional.
Let's just strike this one from the record. Wow, it's painful.
Is there a way to double cross this out? And spit on it? And stomp it to the ground? How is it possible that after almost 2 months, I am still such a mess over this? When will it get better? No grade necessary here. You know what it is. 

6) Be a kick-ass peer mentor- One of my jobs on campus is to help 25 incoming freshmen with their transition into college life by being someone they can go to with questions, for advice, and as an example. It means a lot to me that I create good relationships with them and between them. 
Again, loving this job! I only have 12 this year, and it's really given me an opportunity to get closer with them. I am excited about the events I have planned for the rest of the quarter.
I dare say, I passed this one with flying colors. I really made some lasting connections with my group and my instructor this year. At our final dinner, she had some really nice things to say about how I did. Nothing like a little pat on the back to make everything worth it. I love these kids, and I can't wait to see them grow over the rest of the year, even if I am not longer getting paid for it. I will miss them!  

7) Make/Save at least $600 $400- I think that with my peer mentor job and my job at the restaurant, this is feasible. This is the type-a part of me trying to get a control on what my financial situation will be post-graduation. Always have to plan ahead.
Necessary change since I quit my second job. I still think that was the best decision I could have made. though.
Done! And then some! Even with my outrageous grocery bills, I managed this one. Next quarter, when I'm not working, I will have to budget a little better, but until then, I am going to celebrate with some Black Friday shopping next week. Anyone else participating in my favorite national holiday?  A+

8)Write 2 new songs- writing music is something that I do when I feel the need to express some sort of strong emotion. I only do it sporadically, but I would really like to challenge myself with a quota this quarter. It is therapeutic, and I think it is really good for me especially when I am overly anxious or upset about something.
No go, as of yet. Although, I do have plenty of things swimming around in my head that would be great to write about.
Still a no go. I lost my voice around Homecoming, and it still hasn't come back! This seriously hinders the writing process. It's hard to write a song when it sounds like a old, barking dog everytime I open my mouth. I do have all of break to get to this, though. For this quarter, big fail.  
Well this quarter's GPA is a 2.83. It's been a rough one, so this is better than I was expecting. Let's hope my actual grades from school are better than this! Crossing my fingers! 

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