Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIAW: A Day in the Life of a Teacher Candidate

Needless to say, I have been freaking busy lately. As you can see in my last post I've been up and down emotionally. Wednesdays are by far my busiest day this quarter with early wake-ups, observing/teaching all day, class all afternoon, and meetings at night. So, I thought this week I would give you all a glimpse into A Day in the Life of a Teacher Candidate (that is what they call us ed majors nowadays). And what is the perfect occasion?

WIAW!!! Hosted by the always awesome Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.

So, let's set the scene. You are a senior double education major, and it is a Wednesday morning. You have to be at your placement site for observations by 8:00am.

6:00 am:
The alarm goes off and you peal yourself out of bed and somehow manage to get to the shower.

6:15 am:
Make yourself presentable in your teacher-professional attire.
something like this: black dress pants, gray tee, patterned cardi
6:30 am:
Make yourself a nutritious and filling breakfast. This is crucial. Lunch is too far away to eat something un-substantial for bfast.
my standard these days: pumpkin oat bran (does anyone else find the bran more filling? loving it), with apples baked in, flax and cinnamon. That mug is usually filled with black coffee.
7:00 am:
Grab lunch/snacks that you packed the night before (so important!). Leave your apartment to walk a half-mile to where your car is parked (gotta love college towns) and set out for the 40 min drive to your placement site. In the Middle of Nowhere, Ohio.
Lunch: hummus/veggie wrap, carrots, apple, almonds and raisins.Snack: another apple, Luna bar and an orange. All stuffed in to my teacher-perfect lunch bag
8:00-11:30 am:
Observe/teach 4 periods of 6th grade math with one of the most amazing placement teacher I have met. I won't actually be license to teach 6th grade math (only 7-12), but this was the best field experience I have had. Maybe I will look for a middle school position after all?

11:30 am:
Finally, lunch!! By this time you are famished. You sit in the teacher's lunch room and listen to all the gossip while chowing down.

2:30 pm:
Sprint from the school, jump in the car, and speed back to Athens to be back in time for class at 3:10. While driving, smash that second apple.
Anyone else loving the crackle nail polish? My sixth graders sure did. Building rapport anyone?
Ugh, class. Try and spread out your during-class snacks (luna bar and orange) to last until you finally get home.

Finally, get home and resist immediately passing out in your bed to indulge your ravenous tummy.
Big ol' pot of butternut squash chili that I cooked up on Sunday. This will feed me literally all week. Thank goodness my roomies and I don't share food. I'm not giving any of this up. Always served with a little Daiya cheddar melted down over the top.
Lounge around (probably watching Food Network) until you hit the hay. At 10:00. Like a grandma. Proud of it.

Hope you enjoyed a day in my crazy life! CanNOT wait for it to slow down for my 6 week break!


  1. haha be proud you totally earned it! =) Happy WIAW Rachel!!! <3

  2. Butternut squash chili sounds yummy!

  3. Butternut squash chili sounds rather great Rachel! You sure are busy though, I hope it gets calmer eventually!

  4. Mmm, butternut squash + anything sounds amazing!
    I do enjoy your nail polish too

  5. Lounging around watching food network is the best way to spend your day. You are not a grandma or at least you are not alone because I go to bed early too. So sad haha.