Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY Sushi Night

I finished the last of my school work on Thursday around 2. But I didn't actually pack up and drive home for break until Sunday around 2. When my dad asked my why I wasn't heading home sooner, the only response I could come up with was "I want to stay and hang out."

And that is just what I did. All three days and nights of this weekend were devoted to spending as much time as I could having as much fun as I could with my roommates and friends before we all headed to our respective homes for our 6-week break (OU's quarter system makes it so that we are off of school from Thanksgiving to New Year's every year).

All of this included a lot of laughing, partying, and just hanging out. My roommate's new boyfriend was in town visiting, and as part of the dates she planned, she came up with a Make-Your-Own Sushi night. She asked me help her get things ready and join them, and of course, I was all about it. In order to no be the total 3rd wheel, I invited my neighbor, friend, and fellow sushi lover to join us. It was a great double-date(ish) night!

Allie and Tom all ready to get started!

Slicing my roll. Look how tight that baby is! So proud of that one.

We even broke out the "fancy" plates. So pretty. My rolls, with marinated tofu instead of that weird krab stuff, cucumber, carrots, avocado, asparagus, and rice.

Our damage. It is literally impossible for more that one person to do anything on our kitchen without making a huge mess. Totally worth it, though.

Enjoying my rolls picnic-style because 1) it's fun that way and 2) we don't have enough space or chairs for 4 of us to sit at the counter.

Clay (the neighbor) being too cool.

Happy Sushi couple.
It turned out to be way more delicious than we expected. And way more fun. This one gets an A for sure!

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