Thursday, November 24, 2011

¡Feliz Día de Gracias!


It's so hard to explain, but this year's Thanksgiving was met with a high level of anxiety on my part. Don't get me wrong, I loved spending time with my teeny family, and the food was amazing. But, this holiday has been one that, ever since I became health-conscious, has concerned me.

Any day that is completely dedicated to gorging ourselves on fat-laden, high calorie food is going to set off my disordered thinking. This one was no different. Since I am so aware of the 5 pounds of "party weight" that I put on over this quarter, I was afraid of setting myself farther back. I did make myself a well-balanced, vegan meal, but I put a lot of pressure on myself not to eat too much of everything. I had to keep reminding myself that I was filling my body with fuel- and some very nutritious fuel at that.

I am actually pretty proud of how I ended up eating. It was more than I planned, but again, my expectations may have been unreasonable. And I find myself no very full, but I enjoyed every bite, and I know that each one was full of fresh, colorful, and nutritious fare.

The second not-so-happy part of the day was the overwhelming loneliness that I couldn't keep out of my mind. I didn't realize how hard all these upcoming family days are going to be. I feel like I am missing part of my family. It has been nearly 2 months since the break up, but I am still a mess. I feel like this isn't how it was supposed to go, and I am drowning, grasping for some sense of normalcy.

So add anxiety about the food + lingering heartbreak + this chest-cold that I haven't been able to get rid of = an emotional holiday for Rachel.

The highlight of the day was definitely the eats, and the time spent with my amazing family and new niece-doggy, Jolene.

Let's take a look shall we? Thank you to Jenn for hosting another WIA event. Two in one week? Did I go to heaven?

Breakfast: baked apple oat bran with orange tea.
OOTD. Thanksgiving is an informal affair at our house. Real pants are totally not necessary.

The spread, and my broski ready to dig in.
My plate (x2 + some picking): salad, green beans, homemade cranberry sauce, lentil-stuffed portabello, roasted sweet pot with acorn squash and some unpictured mulitgrain bread.
Desert spread: mom's pumpkin pie w/ cool whip, my vegan apple crisp.

My plate (x 3) I seriously ate like half that pan. Vegan apple crisp with black decaf.
 For some family shots:
Meet Jolene. My bro and his girlfriend just adopted her. 6 mo old puggle. Absolutely adorable and the sweetest dog ever.

One more because she is too precious

Me and the broski

The men assume their positions.

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I am thankful for resiliency and knowing that there is always tomorrow. A new day, for a new start.


  1. thanksgiving in my house is a pj party kind of day =) I love that you guys are informal too! your thanksgiving meal looks amaaaazing! hope you're feeling better!!!! MWAH!

  2. Everything looks delicious! And your puppy is soooo cute. Oh my gosh- I'm in love! :)
    Awesome blog.