Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some exciting Teacher-y happenings

In the past few weeks, the college of ed has dominated my life. Everything about my day revolves around class, assignments, observations, professional organizations, and tests. Although my roommates can attest to the levels of complaining that this has caused, some really exciting and happy things have been happening too. The fact that I get so excited about this stuff just proves to me that I am meant to be a teacher...eventually. I can't wait for student teaching in the spring. So, here's a peak at a few of the happenings:

1. FREE text book samples!
    As a member of OUCTM, I was able to attend the yearly Ohio Conference for Teachers of Mathematics where I listened to all kind of presentations and got a bunch of free promotional products (gotta love free stuff!). I also signed up for text book samples, never actually expecting to receive them. And then, a week or so later, look what got delivered to my door!
Oh yea!!! a complete set of sample texts- student  and teacher editions- along with common core books. For you teacher-types you know how exciting that is! For you non-teachers, that's like $1000 worth of resources...I know.
2. Wrapped up the quarter with my BobKittens.
        I absolutely love being a peer mentor, and the group this year was exceptionally awesome. I am so proud of them and so happy about the things they have accomplished and how easily they have adjusted to their life at OU. I will miss these kids!
At our last event- rock-climbing at the rec center. Our amazing instructor is on the left. I'm awkwardly in the middle.
3. Took the PRAXIS II this morning.
         One of the many standardized tests I have to take and pass to get my license. This one applies to both contents. So much pressure. I felt pretty confident about it, but it was so much writing! Seriously, my right arm might fall off. But, at least it's done!
       I made sure to wake up early enough to go through my morning routine and have a good breakfast before the test. Still, my tummy was growling halfway through!
Sorry for the awful pic. I hate my new camera. Anyway, ready for the test! comfy pants boots and shirt with a scarf added for some extra feel-goodness. I always like to feel confident in every way (including physically) when doing something so high-stakes.
Teacher duties for this quarter: dominated. Now, time to celebrated. Hard. Here we goooooo!

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