Friday, November 25, 2011

My Winter Break Pledge

With this last piece of peanutbutter toast, I call the end to Thanksgiving. The feast and leftover day have passed, and it is time to get back to business. I am rededicating myself to my journey towards health. I remember in grade school, we always learned that there are 3 types of health: mental/emotional, physical, and social. I am taking the next month off of school to focus my attention on mending myself in all three dimensions.

Here's the plan. I am using this blog as my "accountability partner".

1. Back to healthy, WHOLE, vegan foods that make my body feel good (physical health, check). Not bloated and uncomfortable and longing for more after a meal. Within this is the following:
     - back to a commitment to a completely plant-based diet. I slipped up a few times recently. I blame delicious pumpkin cookies.
     - only whole and minimally-processed foods. I need to be able to read all of the ingredients or be eating the plant itself. No more white flower or white sugar, and NO HFCS.
     - no more binging. It has happened a few times recently. Mostly our of boredom or an under-consumption during the day rearing its ugly head late at night.

2. Stay active (physical health, check x2). It is so easy to just lay around all day when I have nothing to do and my parents are working. Not this December, hunny. Getting out to try and start running or doing my trusty workout video will be daily requirements.

3. Enjoy time with friends when they come home and the occasional night out (social health, check). Everyone deserves a good time, and while I am definitely looking more closely to the products I put into my body, I don't want it to hinder my relationships anymore. I'll go out with high school friends, and I even have a few dates to try out. I want to allow myself to enjoy them.

4. Begin seriously rebuilding myself (mental/emotional, done). My confidence took a major hit this quarter, and with the party weight that I put on and a few not-so-great decisions that I made, it only seemed to fall. No more. I am going to remember all of the things that I like about myself without needing the confirmation from others. I am going to re-explore my art and music, and I am going to begin to love myself for me again.

5. No health related, but I wan to blog at least 4 times a week. I literally have no other commitments, so I have no excuses. And it makes me feel good. I want to shape my voice and point of view. Learn more about how everything works from a technology point of view, and maybe even explore some design stuff.

Structuring and writing out my goals always helps me to be able to carry them out and reflect on them later. I am in control of how this break will go, and I want to do everything it takes to make it a great one.

So, I am wishing myself "Good Luck, girlfriend! I know you can do it".

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